JP Trees

  • We are proud to provide a full tree service experience to all homeowners. 

  • This involves removing hazards in your trees such as deadwood, weak or diseased limbs.

  • The thinning of branches for less wind resistance during our spring and summer storms.

  • And, also complete removal of potentially hazardous trees.

Welcome to JP Trees LLC,

a fully Licensed and Insured, Family Business. 

What We Offer

Our Advice

When is the best time to plant a new tree?

Answer:  Because we live in Florida, you can plant any time of year but, Spring is the best time to do so.

When is the best time to trim trees?

Answer:  The best time of year to trim your trees is the fall, because the tree has already stored it's food and is becoming dormant.

Tree Tips:

Do you need your trees trimmed:?

How to determine, if this is needed:

Your trees need to be trimmed when they are encroaching on a structure or may be hazardous to pedestrians or traffic.  Things to look for when deciding to trim...low hanging limbs, density of the canopy, and deadwood.

JP Trees LLC

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Serving Customers since 2009 with no-fuss removal of all debris.

We strive to provide excellent quality tree trimming and removal to meet the customers requirements, with no-fuss removal of all debris.